By enrolling it is assumed you have read, understood and agree to abide by the following Policies.


Whilst all students are welcome to tryout for the my Coaching Service, I do reserve the right to assess your childs readiness to be included in group sessions, ie..if their Maturity/attention span is not yet sufficiently developed to cope with following instructions,working well enough with other students etc..I will usually let parents know after the first lesson if I have any concerns. It is important for group cohesion that they are able to listen and not distract other students from learning to an undue degree. For instance racquets are very hard things and should a student be fidgety and careless it can occasionally be a safety issue if they don't look around before swinging racquets or run into an area too close to another student who is swinging etc..

This does not preclude the student from coming back to try when a little older but sometimes it is necessary that they be refused entry into the program if they are unable to concentrate.


K-yr 6 Primary Kids Groups

If you are joining an established group lesson, fees are for a Full School Term only (generally 9-10wks), there are no refunds for non-attendance eg..Birthday Parties, extra Holidays mid Term or other double booked activities. The exception is genuine illness/injury in which case a maximum of 2 make-up lessons can be requested after a mutually convenient time has been arranged with me.  A Doctors Certificate is preferred prior to attending your 2nd makeup.

Closing date for joining groups is wk 2 of each Term. After that Invoices are handed/emailed out based on numbers of students in each group. The cost for a half hr lesson during School Term is $40  for afternoons $30 for mornings which is divided between the number of parents/students sharing that timeslot so if there were 4 students each parent would pay $10 per lesson. I allow a max of 4 students in half hr session.

45mins sessions are $55 and I allow a max of up to 5 students in which case each parent would pay $11 per week etc.

. PS: racquets are optional, sports shoes are compulsory

Fees dependant on numbers, Age matching and Private sessions

NB: Please be aware that if your group reduces in size when you come to enroll for next Term(due to tennis classmates being busy with other seasonal sports) there may be increased cost if shared between less people(see costs quoted above).  You are more than welcome to introduce new students to make up numbers as long as they are of a similar age.  Please consider others in the group(and myself) if you are unable to continue into another Term once a Term has finished by giving plenty of notice.

All students need to be matched as closely as possible in age, I follow a 'composite' class model most of the time ie..Yr 3 can go with Yr 4 or Yr 5 with Yr 6 but I don't mix Yr 3 with Kindy etc.. as it dosen't work due to differing physical and maturity levels.

Sometimes parents would like their child to have Private lessons for a while either to get extra 1 on 1 tuition or because there are currently no students of a suitable age to match them with and are waiting to find a group. In this case due to the extra cost I am more flexible on starting/finishing dates. As long as parents indicate whether they want a half Term(approx 5wks) or a third of a Term(approx 3wks)

Wet weather

Lessons continue under Infants Canteen C.O.L.A, please ask me directions if you are not familiar with the School

Adult/teenage lessons and Holiday Discounts

As mentioned on another page of this site I do most ages, you will need to book online by prepaying either 1 or multiple lessons to my BSB A/C number.  For the booking to be confirmed fees will need to be received a couple of days before the lesson is due to occur as I've noticed there can be bank processing delays during Weekend so please allow a few days to make sure. 

Once it is booked you have up to 1 month to use the lesson (a courtesy I give in case of injury/illness/wet weather etc..) if this time expires you will need to rebook.

Adult/teen rates are $65 per hr during School Term afternoons. Mornings Mon-Frid before 9am and School Holidays are 25% off so $50 per hr.

I am closed on Sundays, but can do Saturday upon request. If you have a couple of your own children and would like them to do a Holiday lesson together because it is convenient for you to have them together I don't mind relaxing my composite rules as long as they are not more than 2 yrs in age difference. You could evan invite a few of their friends during Holidays to make a larger group and save costs with other parents, (as long as there is not more than about 2 yrs in age gap from youngest to oldest)

Hitting Partner

If you are an experienced player you may be looking for more practise rather than a formal lesson. If so I am available as a paid hitting partner. After you book a lesson online  I'm prepared to negotiate special rates for future sessions subject to my assessment of your level when you come to the court for the initial session.

Court Hire

The hard court I use is also available to the public for general bookings for your family and friends. A 1 hr hire is $20,  2 hrs or more are charged at just $15 per hr. Phone or email me to make a time. Remember you have 1 month courtesy time to use the booking  if Wet weather intervenes however there are no refunds.

NB: please allow a few days between online payment and day of court use to confirm with me that payment has been received. Also please note that the court has no lights so night time use is not possible

Thanks for visiting this site, enjoy your tennis